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When Jews and Muslims Pray Together

By Rabbi Rachel Barenblat
What could we do on our little campus to foster interfaith solidarity and to bring comfort to two minority religious communities whose members are likely sad and anxious about bomb threats at JCCs...  more

Synchronicity/Beshert: Meant to Be

By Ariana Katz
Carl Jung explains a concept called synchronicity, which means that events can be “meaningful coincidences” if they are not causally related but seem to have a particular connection. In the spring...  more

Whole Community Inclusion

By Mikey Hess Webber
What I have found most useful is that the word “special needs” is truly expansive. Everyday and everywhere, people face challenges, overcome obstacles, and can benefit from special accommodations...  more

The Paradox of Brokenness

By Alden Solovy
You are not broken. Neither am I. You are not broken. Neither am I. Strange assertion from a man who carries deep wounds. The traumatic death of my wife. Witness to alcoholism, drug abuse,...  more

Queer Families, Queer Mourning

By Ariana Katz
Building queer family is an act of resistance. I cannot stop looking at this art, made by Megan J Smith of the Repeal Hyde Art Project. Three purple figures hold hands, raising their arms in fists...  more

Thief with a Key: On Dementia

By Ariel Neshama Lee
The thief does not need a key. The thief does not show up on cameras because it is already inside of her.  I have a friend with severe dementia. Today she left her home to go to a safer place...  more

In Search of a Prayer for the New President

By Alden Solovy
Perhaps no single line from Jewish literature sums up the Jewish attitude about prayer and politics than the berakhah in Fiddler on the Roof: “May God bless and keep the Czar … far away...  more

Why I Don't Set New Year's Resolutions

By Maya Northen
Let’s just put it this way: January 17th is National Ditch New Year’s Resolutions Day.  Happy New Year! I know that for many people, 2016 was a difficult for a whole host of reasons. And...  more

Reimagining Jewish Art: An Interview with Hillel Smith

Deadlines and experimentation keep me going. 1. Al regel akhat, on one foot: Tell us about your latest Jewish art project. I’ve been concentrating on making what I think of as “cutting edge...  more

Grief is Not a Learning Opportunity

By Ariana Katz
When I have been in moments of grief and someone tells me, “You will learn so much from this,” I want to scream. When I have been in moments of grief and someone tells me, “You will learn so much...  more