Tashlich Tidbits

Found In: Rosh Hashanah

Tags: tashlikh

By Rabbi Richard Israel | Article

Some suggested tips for properly executing Tashlich (casting of sins into the waters. . . )

For ordinary sins, use White bread
For exotic sins French or Italian bread
For dark sins Pumpernickel
For complex sins Multigrain bread
For truly warped sins Pretzels
For sins of indecision Waffles
For sins committed in haste Matzah
For substance abuse Poppy seed rolls
For committing arson Toast
For being ill-tempered Sourdough bread
For silliness Nut bread
For not giving full value Shortbread
For political chauvinism Yankee Doodles
For excessive use of irony Rye bread
For continual bad jokes Corn bread
For hardening our hearts Jelly doughnuts
For excessive curiosity Wonder Bread
For speed-limit violations Russian bread
For usury dough