Structure of the Liturgy

Found In: Preserving Creation

Tags: Birkat HaChammah: Blessing of the Sun


The service for Birkat Hachammah/Blessing of the Sun generally comprises the following components (in order):

  1. Psalm 84:12 (a sun reference)
  2. Psalm 72:5, Psalm75:2, Malachi 3:20, Psalm 97:6, forming an acronym of the ineffable name of God (Tetragrammaton)
  3. Psalm 148
  4. Blessing: "… oseh ma’asey v’reshit" – Source of Creation
  5. Psalm 19
  6. Psalm 121
  7. Hymn: El Adon al Kol Hama’asim – Lord of All Creation
  8. Quote from Babylonian Talmud, Berachot 59b
  9. Shehechiyanu

Each of these is provided as a separate component in this section for the convenience of those who wish to create their own service.