Prayer for Mother Who Gave Birth

Found In: Childbirth

Tags: mi sheberakh

By Rabbi Arnold Stiebel, Phd | Prayer

May the One who blessed our ancestors, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, Sarah, Rebecca, Rachel and Leah, also bless and heal ____________ and give her strength and vigor.

Mekor HaChayim, O Source of life, our dear God: You have guided and sustained_____________ through her time of pregnancy and her child's birth. With love, You have brought forth her newborn son/daughter and safely entrusted him/her to her care.

May her body be healed; may it renew its cycles of growth and life once more. Grant her strength of body and spirit as she begins to nurture her newborn son/daughter. May she learn always to cherish this precious and tender gift from You. And may she privileged to bring him/her to Your Torah and laws, to serve You all his/her days.

We praise and thank You, O Lord our God, the Giver of all life. AMEN.