Fear and Overcoming – Breathing in a strong spirit

Found In: Torah Portion: Parashah, Hard Times, Parts of the Seder, Daily Prayer & Mindfulness

Tags: maggid, B'shalach, Mi Chamocha

In the beginning, God gave us breath and the courage to begin life on earth.

Where does our  / my strength come from? What gives us / me chazak v'amatz –  strength and courage?

God works miracles with a yad hazak, but, with the Egyptian army in pursuit, Moses took a breath, held out his arm over the sea, and a strong east wind blew all night and turned the sea to dry ground.

In the dark, we wait, for deliverance, from Mitzrayim – the narrow place – to enter the promised land. 

God’s ruakh through the night brings peace, rest, and courage to walk into the sea on dry land through the roiling wall of waters on each side.

We / I face the fear(s) that challenges us / me.

We / I give breath to calm the fear that enwraps us / me.

We / I draw strength from our / my community.

We cheer each other on.

We / I sing.
We shall overcome. I shall overcome.
We are not afraid. I am not afraid.
Deep in my heart, I do believe that we / I shall overcome some day

Hazak Hazak v’nithazek
(Strength, Strength, and May we be strengthened)