Abbreviated Sheva Brachot

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Adapted by Lori Lefkovitz | Reading

A classic Jewish wedding includes seven ancient expressions of gratitude. I invoke those generations now by reciting this time-honored formula of gratitude. The images in these blessings return us to the Garden of Eden, and they begin with the blessing over wine, always blessed at Jewish ceremonies, as wine is the ultimate symbol of joy and abundance.

Be blessed, Infinite God, the Power and Majesty of all
Who created the fruit of the vine,
Who created a glorious world,
Who created humanity in the Divine image
Who fashioned humanity male and female.
Let the barren land be happy and rejoice like
a parent whose children return in joy and fill the earth.

We bless God for the rejoicing of our children.
Let lovers and friends rejoice, and may their joy
give them an earthly paradise as a reward for
causing this bride and groom to rejoice.

We bless the Source of Life for creating
joy and happiness, bride and groom,
mirth, song, gladness and rejoicing, love,
harmony, peace and companionship.
May there soon be heard in the streets of the world,
voices of gladness, voices of brides and grooms,
of lovers shouting at their wedding feasts.

Be blessed, Infinite God, for letting this
bride and groom take joy in one another.

Used by permission of author