Covenant & Naming Rituals

Historically, Jewish people have formally welcomed boys into the covenant with God, marking the occasion with celebration and circumcision. The birth of a girl was met with joy, but no ritual or communal celebration. We offer a variety of ways to formally welcome both girls and boys. You’ll also find naming rituals and blessings for parents, grandparents and children.

Talmud Berachot 17a

By Lawrence Kushner, Translator
"May your eyes sparkle with the light of Torah and your ears hear the music of its words" — a prayer for our children based on a talmudic passage   more

Simchat Ben

By Chaia Beckerman
Phrases from the Bible are used to form an acrostic of the child's name - a tradition in ceremony and prayer - in this welcoming ceremony for an adopted son who has not yet undergone conversion.   more
Complete Ceremony

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