Month of Elul

Each year as summer fades into fall, Jewish tradition invites us to turn inwards. The month of Elul precedes the High Holy Days of Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur. We dedicate this time to preparing ourselves for the holidays so that we can experience them as fully as possible. During Elul we are asked to look into ourselves. We think about who we are and who we want to be. Whose forgiveness do we need in order for us to enter a new year with a clean slate?


Preparing for Transformation

By Rabbi Roni Handler | Blog Post
Whenever I teach about ritual or work with people to prepare for a life cycle transition, I always stress that what makes a ritual powerful and effective is the preparation and intention with which... [more]

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Walking With the King

by Rabbi Lisa Goldstein | Blog Post

What if we could derive a practice from the story of the King in the field—breathe life into it and into our own souls? How can we, in the midst of our busy, self-conscious lives, find the cozy, loving intimacy with God that is hinted at in this tale?


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The Art of Aging

by Craig Taubman | Blog Post
The theme of this year's Jewels of Elul is especially dear to my heart, because I try to live my life as art—not a science—and also, well, because I'm aging.   As much as we may try to be positive ... [more]

Found In: Month of Elul