Hard Times

Hard times take many forms. Perhaps the loss of a job or other economic hardship. Maybe the devastation of a flood or other natural disaster. Hardship might even be the horror of violent assault.  Just getting out of bed can be an act of great courage at times like these. Whisper a prayer for yourself, or say one for your friend. Hope will find you. 

My Depression

Shared by Alden Solovy
A poem on struggling with depression and finding healing   more

Tending to Our Community

Shared by Rabbis Elliot Kukla and Eric Weiss
A congregational guide to visiting people who live with mental illness   more

Give Me Your Hand

Shared by Rabbi Eric Weiss
A prayer said responsively on supporting each other through hard times   more

Becoming a Mental Health Advocate

By Efrem Epstein
I didn't plan to begin my journey as a mental health advocate during Mental Health Awareness Month, but that is exactly when it happened... ten years ago. In May 2006, I went through a bad emotional...  more
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Dead of a Broken Heart

By Alden Solovy
There are too many unanswered questions from that night in early April, when my wife fell to her death. Did she slip? Did she jump? Did she plan her death? Did she have assistance? Imagine not...  more
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