Historically, Judaism has offered little for women and men suffering with the pain of infertility. Thankfully, over the last 25 years, Jewish women and men have transformed the canon of Jewish ritual. Jewish women have both created new rituals grounded in traditional practices and language and unearthed prayers and rituals from our past written by and for women, responding to their lives and needs. Jewish men have also given voice to their own struggles with infertility through the creation of new rituals and blessings that acknowledge their shared pain.

Prayers for Artificial Insemination

By Rabbi Diane Cohen
Biblical verses used to form three prayers "to be said before a procedure", "Verses to be said upon insemination" and "Verses to be recited upon arising from a procedure."   more

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The Bath

By Lynn E. Levin
A contemporary poem that addresses "the stain" of blood which, when trying to get pregnant, "becomes a sign of failure, of sadness, of emptiness, of death"   more