Counting the Omer

The period between Passover and Shavuot marks two kinds of movement through time: the passage of the seven weeks between the barley offering and the first wheat offering at the ancient Temple during these spring festivals, and the transition from slavery to true liberation. On Passover, we leave Egypt, but on Shavuot we receive the Torah, which gives us our purpose as a people, answering the question of the ultimate goal of our collective freedom.

Numbering Our Days

By Rabbi Roni Handler | Blog Post
As we count our days, weeks, and months, we are reminded that in every moment we have the potential to recreate ourselves and the world around us.    In the book of Bereishit (Genesis), the... [more]

True Confessions of an Omer Walker

by Rabbi Roni Handler | Blog Post

I pray that I continue to remember to prioritize both my spiritual and physical sustenance each and every day, even if only for the amount of time that it takes to recite a simple blessing. 


Found In: Counting the Omer


by Rabbi Joshua Boettiger | Blog Post
I think of the Omer—this period of time we are now in the midst of—as learning to count, learning to wait. Shavuot is the only holiday that the Torah does not affix a particular date to; instead we... [more]

Found In: Counting the Omer