Is Purim about the hidden and the revealed? About the solemn task of using power wisely? About communal celebration? About the rights of Jews and of women? A deadly serious grown-up holiday, or a fun and frivolous day of festivities for children?


Hiding in Plain Sight

By Rabbi Roni Handler
This Purim, think about what your costume might say about you and allow yourself the freedom to embrace your hidden self.   more
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Soundtracks for Purim: Part Deux

by Rabbis Rabbis Joshua Boettiger and Benjamin Weiner
What music might best serve as a soundtrack to this year’s Purim experience? Join our humorous debate!   more
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What would Queen Esther say?

by Rabbi Roni Handler
This year Purim falls on International Women's Day. What would our Purim heroines think about the rights and roles of women in today's world?   more
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Are We Having Fun Yet?

by Rabbi Deborah Glanzberg-Krainin, Ph.D.
Over the last several years my relationship to Purim has changed. I have come to appreciate the invitation to simply be happy and to play with convention in a contained and bounded way.   more
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