Pursuing Justice

Photo by Jordan Cassway

As members of local and global Jewish communities, we bear responsibility for pursuing justice and equality for all the citizens of the world. We can all give tzedakah and a little time, while some of us have the capacity to do much more. We make the world better when we fight for justice from a place of humility and love, not rage. These rituals and prayers infuse that work with a sense of holiness and perspective to help us do just that.

A Prayer for the Government

Rabbi Leonard Gordon
Originally written for Human Rights Shabbat, this prayer seeks to capture the hope that the social justice teachings of Torah, and the ethical impulses they inspire, will be mirrored in the actions of our governments on all levels.   more

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Prayer for Change

By Rabbi Nancy Fuchs Kreimer
Looking forward to a day when all loving couples can rejoice under the huppah in a marriage recognized by federal and state law   more

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"Thanks for the Chair!"

by Betsy Platkin Teutsch
In 1997, I was honored by Kolot, the forerunner of today’s Ritualwell, for my contributions to Jewish art. Up until that point I had not created any specifically Jewish feminist art, though I had...  more
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An Instrument for All Seasons

by Ritualwell
With this tambourine, we salute Women of the Wall for their struggle for equality and peace at this sacred site.   more
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Gift of Life Kavannah

By Rabbi Roni Handler
A kavannah to be recited before swabbing for Gift of Life Bone Marrow Foundation   more

Springing Into Action

by Rabbi Isabel de Koninck
Spring Break is often a time for beach parties and fun in the sun, but for many students on college campuses throughout America, Spring Break is increasingly a time for serving our communities and our earth through immersive service-learning experiences.    more
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