The True Power of Prayer

By Rabbi Margot Stein

I knew that if ever I needed to be on the receiving end of pastoral support, I would want my amazing circle of close friends and spirit buddies around me. But I didn’t know how much I would need the blessing of their deep presence until the nightmare unfolded. 


New Beginnings

By Rabbi Deborah Glanzberg-Krainin, Ph.D.

All over the world, Jews are marking the holiday of Tu b’Shevat. It is the new year for the trees, an observance that might have been meaningful for our ancestors in ancient Israel, but that feels a little strange to me right now. Outside my door the temperature is 17 degrees, and snow is forecast ...


Inauguration Day

By Rabbi Deborah Glanzberg-Krainin, Ph.D.

I don’t worry about whether or not the incoming president was “my” candidate: on Inauguration Day I always feel the excitement borne of possibility and good will.


Community Center

By Rabbi Roni Handler

Though random acts of kindness are amazingly inspiring, they leave me wondering whether we can harness this random energy into more sustainable acts of kindness.


A Parent's Prayer

By Amanda Feder

My father brought a tradition to our Friday night dinners. It was an opportunity to convey his love and hopes for his children—in particular, the hope that Jewish values would be important to us. 


Musings on My Bat Mitzvah

By Leah Kamionkowski

Growing up in Argentina as a passionate Zionist and avowed secular Jew, becoming involved with a religious movement and being called to the Torah were not part of my plan.  Quite the contrary—those were attitudes that were completely incompatible with my thoughts, my ideals, my aspirations, and my vision for the future.


Reflections on a Tragedy

By Rabbi Deborah Glanzberg-Krainin, Ph.D.

Our lives are stitched together with thread that is easily broken. In this time of sorrow, perhaps the best we can do is remember the promise of Elijah—and believe that redemption is near.


There is a Light

by Rabbi Roni Handler

I notice how the increased light in my window is mirrored in my body, in my own “inner chambers,” and I feel great anticipation for this new phase of life.


What Does "Today I Am a Man" Mean Today?

By Rabbi Daniel Brenner

As part of bar mitzvah training, boys should brush up against some of the “traditional” values that have defined Jewish men—a love of communal learning and debate, an understanding of the powerful role that comedy plays in coping with oppression, a responsibility to bury one another and to mourn together. Even in egalitarian communities, there are times when men benefit specifically from the support of other men.


"Thanks for the Chair!"

by Betsy Platkin Teutsch
When I realized that 15 years had passed since I released  my first tambourine design, I approached Ritualwell about jointly reissuing the piece.  Regrettably, one big thing remains unchanged: women... [more]