Healing from Illness

While there are many traditional Jewish prayers for healing, the feminist movement empowered first women, and then men and women, to create many more prayers and ceremonies which spoke to the specific situations in which they found themselves. The complexity of modern medicine has added to this need for prayers for tests, prayers before surgery, prayers after chemotherapy and for each chemo session, etc. In addition, several writers on ritualwell have created ceremonies to celebrate an important anniversary in relationship to their disease. 


A Physician's Prayer

Shared by Rabbi Eric Weiss
A prayer to be said by a physician before performing their work   more

Seeking Light #After Cancer

By Rabbi Ilana Garber
They kept telling me that once we got through the terrible summer, the “summer of yuck” as we called it, that I would find light, happiness and health. They tried to reassure me, as we checked each...  more
Blog Post

Teach Us to Listen

Shared by Bruce Coriell
A poem for healing in the wake of tragedy or illness   more

Jewish Healing Circle

Shared by Sue Gurland
A script for conducting a Jewish healing circle, with tips on how to lead a successful healing circle   more
Complete Ceremony

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