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Yom Kippur Meditation

A comforting meditation for those who cannot fast [more]
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Give us 90 seconds ...

... and we'll teach you how to blow the shofar [more]
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Kavannah Before U'netaneh Tokef

 For those who are aged, infirm, or diagnosed with serious illness [more]
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Set my intention

A mikveh ceremony to greet Yom Kippur [more]
Photo of Mayyim Hayyim by Rabbi Malka Packer

Public Justice

By Sarah Barasch-Hagans

I have said the words of the Yom Kippur Vidui many times, always awkwardly aware that most of the list of sins did not apply to me. I never thought I would come to embrace its awkwardness, and I certainly never imagined that it could guide me towards making decisions I was afraid to make.